Application for a Missouri Salvage Business License

Any false statement in this application is a violation of the law and may be punished by fine or imprisonment or both.

License Information

Effective Date of License (Optional)

If you are requesting a specific effective date, it must be within 15 days of today's date. The license effective date is dependent upon application approval.

Organization Information

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License Operations

License Type
  • Fees
  • Salvage Business License: No Fee $0.00
  • Amount Due $0.00
Statement Of Non Public Sale

Location Inspection

Please provide who completed your location inspection and the date it was approved. If you had an unapproved inspection please provide who completed it and the date the unapproved inspection was completed. The same inspector must approve a previously unapproved business location.

Inspection And Certification

Physical Address

Current and Past Salvage History

Do you conduct a salvage business at any location other than the address shown above?
Have you ever been registered before as a Missouri salvage business?
Has your salvage business license ever been denied, suspended, or revoked?
Have you purchased a previously registered salvage business within the past registration period?
Are you currently a registered motor vehicle, boat, or trailer dealer?

Owner Information

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